We offer classes for every level, and each class is capped at 20 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. All classes are first-come, first-served, with the ability to register ahead of time.



By Appointment Only

The Foundations Overview is uniquely designed class taught at a slower pace and in a small group setting that will teach, introduce, and apply new training movements to you.  Throughout the foundation process, you will build a base of technique and knowledge around functional movements preparing you for our regular CROS3FIT WOD, OWL, and Stamina classes. The Foundations Overview is a pre requisite to joining the regular class schedule, and…it’s FREE! Before starting please contact



These classes are the core of our program. Each WOD (Workout of the Day) is programmed Monday through Friday with a specific goal in mind. The workouts at S3 always incorporate constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity.

S3 Stamina

Monday - Friday

The S3 Stamina program serves to bridge that wide gap between short duration/ high intensity CrossFit and long duration/ low intensity steady state cardio (i.e. distance running). These classes incorporate much longer AMRAP or for time workouts that will keep you moving for up to 45 minutes. Incorporating both strength and conditioning elements, class intensity will be very high, but the amount of weight handled is significantly less.

Team Workout

8am, 9am, 10am

This is our favorite weekend activity. Team Workouts take place every Saturday morning. These workouts are done in groups and are task based. The team workouts also carry another element which is important to us; that is having fun, building community and finishing the week off strong. These workouts tend to be a favorite in the box.


S3 Gymnastics Clinic

Runs for 4 weeks periodically throughout the year

For adult beginners and intermediates alike, this class will teach you the basics of gymnastic movements utilized in CrossFit and help you build the strength you need to execute moves like pull-ups, hand-stands, muscle-ups and more. 

Gymnastics- Level 1&2

Tuesdays 8am

This class is for those who have received approval from the Gymnastics Clinic instructor. Each movement and exercise used during this class is tailored toward the individuals skill level. The class is designed to challenge beginners to the more advanced. It incorporates stretching, strengthening the core, flexibility and standard gymnastic skills.

Level 1: Completion of gymnastics clinic.

Level 2: Completion of gymnastics clinic, and achievement of 1 strict pull up, handstand shoulder taps, balanced headstand, and a rope a climb.

Gymnastics - Level 3

Tuesdays 9am

The Level 3 Gymnastics class is designed to challenge advanced athletes working to master challenging gymnastics movements.

Level 3: Completion of gymnastics clinic, and achievement of 3 strict pulls, 3 strict toes to bar, 10ft handstand walk, 1 bar muscle up/muscle up, and 1 strict handstand push-up.


Open Gym


The ultimate purpose of the Open Gym is to offer variety to our clients. It is a chance to make up a workout you may have missed earlier in the week. It is also a perfect opportunity to work on skills, basic strength and mobility.


S3 Strength (Olympic Lifting)

Sunday - 11am - 12:30pm

S3 Strength is designed to build strength and efficiency with the snatch and clean and jerk.  Athlete overall strength is built by using effective compound components to enhance the Olympic lifts. Throughout this class, we will also focus on accessory and core exercises for better motor unit movement and stabilization.   Programming is built for both beginners and advanced athletes. Limited to 12 people. Register via Wodify.

FIT Kids

Mon/Wed - 8:00am
Tues/Thurs - 4:15pm

Our Kids program is a method for teaching all ages 3-18 the principles of mechanics, consistency and then intensity while emphasizing good movement throughout childhood and adolescence. Consistently good mechanics translates to physical literacy, enhanced sports performance and fewer sports injuries for kids. CrossFit Kids is meant to be BIG fun for all ages. Broad-Inclusive-General fun. Fun means we provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits, which means less childhood obesity and all-around better health for our children. 

FIT Teens

Mon/Wed - 9:00am
Tues/Thurs - 5:00pm
Saturday - 8/9/10am (Partner)

Our Teens Program is for more advanced youth members who need to be challenged beyond the basics of CrossFit. These classes will push them in a friendly yet competitive way to achieve personal records and goals in a supportive environment. 

FIT Tots

Friday - 10am

Crossfit Tots is for our youngest athletes and a foundational program to help children learn and love movement.



Sunday - 10am

30 minute class focused on stretching. ROMWOD increases mobility and flexibility through a series of stretches held for a significant amount of time. This class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels!

CROS3FIT Competition Class

Saturday - 11am - 12:30pm

A class geared towards the competitive CrossFit athlete. For those people who have ambitions to compete in CrossFit as a sport or maximize their potential in metcons/lifts/gymnastics abilities. If you’re looking for that extra push to take your ability to the next level with other like-minded individuals, this class is for you! Class is formatted with a whiteboard explain training session, in-depth warm-up, lifting piece, metcon, either accessory work/gymnastics skills/aerobic conditioning, then cool-down and debrief of the day (what went well/poor and what did we learn)

*Must also feel confident with moving a 95/65# barbell for various lifts and have basic gymnastics prerequisites (kipping pull-ups, handstand hold, etc).

 NOTE: This class is $25 per class and must sign up via Wodify by 12 noon on Friday. Must have a minimum of 3 people, max participants is 20.