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Crossfit S3 is conveniently located near South Charlotte, within miles of the Ballantyne area. Driven by our daily workouts and fueled through nutrition, Crossfit S3 is the complete package. The choice to be healthy is exactly that, a choice. It is filled with hard work, dedication and sacrifice. We believe that everyone is an athlete, and at CrossFit S3, you will be treated like an athlete. We are all built from the same DNA. We have been for centuries, and we all share a need for similar movement patterns and lifestyles to remain healthy and active. While we recognize that the demands of an Olympic athlete are more focused than the every day athlete, we also know that we can all choose to be active, strong, and healthy.

Our program is built for everyone and is adaptable to anyone. We have seen dramatic results in all of our clients including professional athletes, everyday people and even children. Although we have designed our program for everyone, we do acknowledge that not everyone may be built or ready for our program. We know our program demands hard work and daily dedication. We know it takes a certain brand of commitment and attitude, but if you have the heart and will to change your life, we promise to help you get there.




At CrossFit S3 we have taken the CrossFit concept one step further. Our daily focus will be geared towards Strength, Speed and Stamina. We believe these 3 traits are what drive most well-rounded athletes. Our program will reflect these core principles on a daily basis and will strengthen your performance not only in a particular sport, but in all facets of life. Our classes are run in a group atmosphere, where camaraderie and accountability will naturally raise everyone’s level of fitness. There are no mirrors or fancy machines. We will run, row, jump, lift, and throw. You will work hard and learn how to use your body as one unit and over time you will become stronger and more fit because of it.

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2 thoughts on “CROSSFIT S3

  1. Im visiting the area this coming weekend and was hoping to join in a WOD while Im in town. Ive been doing Crossfit for a year now. Im a massage therapist and have been working with Crossfitters for more than 3yrs (Im the in-house therapist at my home box)
    Your box looks amazing and ya’ll have gotten great reviews. Please let me know if this is ok and what forms you need filled out. I will happily buy a t-shirt too! Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you -Patty

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