Class Schedule

We offer a variety of classes throughout each day of the week to support many schedules.

Class Descriptions:
Intro Class
The “Intro class” is the first step to joining our program. It is a simple introduction to what we do. You will learn about us as we introduce a variety of new movements to you. We will then take those new skills and put them to practice in a workout. This class is always taught by one of our certified trainers that will adapt any of the exercises to accommodate your level of fitness. This class is designed to simply show you who we are, what we are about and why we are different from everyone out there. It takes place every Saturday at 11:00am.

The Foundations Program are 6 uniquely designed classes taught over 2 weeks at a slower pace and in a small group setting that will teach, introduce, and apply new training movements to the individual.  Throughout the foundation process you will build a base of technique and knowledge around new movements preparing you for our regular Cros3Fit classes. The Foundations Program is a pre requisite to joining the regular class schedule. ALL 6 classes must be completed consecutively.  Click the getting started to tab to see how to get started with the Foundations Program. Before starting please contact for any questions, information, and for scheduling purposes.

These classes are the core of our program. Each WOD(Workout of the day) is programmed Monday through Friday with a specific goal in mind. The workouts at S3 always incorporate constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity.

S3 Conditioning
The S3 Conditioning program serves to bridge that wide gap between short duration/ high intensity CrossFit and long duration/ low intensity steady state cardio (i.e. distance running). These classes are 45 minutes to one hour in duration, lead by an instructor actually doing the workout alongside of the participants. Incorporating both strength and conditioning elements, class intensity will be very high, but the amount of weight handled is significantly less.

Open Gym
The ultimate purpose of the Open Gym is to offer variety to our clients. It is a chance to make up a workout you may have missed earlier in the week. It is also a perfect opportunity to work on skills, basic strength and mobility.

Team Workout
Team Workouts take place every Saturday morning. These workouts are done in groups and are task based. The team workouts carry also carry another element which is important to us. That is having fun, building community and finishing the week off strong. These workouts tend to be a favorite in the gym.

Youth Classes
The Youth Class mission/goal is to equip the kids with the importance of being physically fit in this profound world of technology. By displaying to them that working out doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous, but instead is fun and exciting. Operated in a boot camp style, classes will focus on developing mental toughness, endurance, team work, speed, power, coordination and life skills.