90 Day Nutrition Challenge

I started this challenge surrendering to the process. I trusted what the trainers had to say and took a leap of faith. I committed completely. I had been doing Crossfit for a while and had been making some progress but I was missing something. I was ready and determined to make a change.

I had done a 6 week Paleo challenge back when I first started Crossfitting. I did okay but soon after it was over, I fell back into some of my old habits. I embraced this challenge as a way of making a change with my nutrition and the next step in my journey to be better.


I chose to do the Zone Diet and Chad agreed to do it with me. It would be easier if we were both doing the same thing. It was a lot of work in the beginning, measuring, weighing and preparing everything. I felt like I never left the kitchen and I was constantly planning and eating my next meal. By month 2 it was easier and I was starting to notice changes in the way my clothes fit, how I felt, and was making gains in the gym. By month 3 it was a way of life, easy really. I was hooked on the way that I felt, how I was performing in the gym and most of all my everyday life. I can’t imagine every going back to my old habits now. They don’t fit into my new mindset and I have left them behind. Doing the Zone really helped me to pay attention to portion size and eat more consciously. I am going to continue to tweak my diet and cut out some things that the Zone allowed me to have and go more to a more Paleo diet now. I am still a work in progress but really like where I am headed.

I never weighed myself. To be honest I really did not want to know….especially in the beginning. I had a general idea of what I weighed from previous obsessive tendencies with the scale and left it at that. I took a look at my before and after photos and liked what I saw for the first time in a long time. I showed them to Chad and he agreed that I had accomplished in three months what I have been trying to accomplish the last 17 years that we have been together. The right nutrition was absolutely key. The only thing that had changed was that I was working out 1 more day per week and my diet and eating habits got an overhaul. My mind also started to shift in a direction that I never thought of before. Instead of talking about things like ” I lost 2 pounds this week” , I found myself talking about things like “I got my first dead hang pull-up”, or “I overhead squatted 100 lbs today” .Those are the things that I am proud of now, not what is reflected back from the scale.

Someone gave me the best complement the other day. They said I looked strong. Not thinner…..stronger. I love that.

I work as a therapist in a skilled nursing facility. I see the end result of people who have not made health a priority in their lives. They are chronically ill, tired, and depressed. I know for sure that I do not want to end up being one of my patients.

I have had a paradigm shift in my views towards nutrition and just how important it is. I was finally ready to hear and experience what everyone at S3 was saying. The trainers at S3 have given us all something very powerful, knowledge. It is up to each of us what we choose to do with that power. I have also gained a new mindset. I am mentally fitter not just physically. The benefits that have come from Crossfit and proper nutrition are beyond measure.




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