Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks. I’ve been working at the academy all week and kept passing the PT testing room. Six months ago I performed my worst PT test ever, had my all-time highest BF % and felt like crap. That’s when I kicked off the paleo eating and started getting things on track.

Today I decided to go into the PT room and see what kind of gains I have made. I was shocked that I lost almost 5% in 6 months and was under 12% total. I have only lost about 15 lbs, but feel 100% better than I did in September. I also had some lab work done for my yearly physical, my cholesterol is down 25 pts, to 142 total and my triglycerides have been cut in half to 34.

My goal is to get healthier and feel I’ve achieved my 1 yr goals in half the time! Thanks for all the great advice and pushing me along the way.



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