I LOVE …………….12249827_10207409461771418_8040926228875132559_n

Three words: “I LOVE CROSSFIT!”
* side note: CrossFit and S3  are completely interchangeable in this statement

Four words: “I NOW LOVE PALEO!”

Five words: “I ALSO LOVE CHEAT HOURS!” ☺

In all seriousness though, the Challenge was an eye opening and life changing experience.

I was on the fence about whether or not to participate.  I had just started regular CrossFit classes after going through Foundations and thought it might be too much.

After some thought and encouragement from others (S3 trainers and the husband), I decided “What the heck-might as well jump in head first, right?!?”  And I am SO glad I did!

I noticed changes in my energy, mood and body almost immediately.  After others started noticing, they would ask, “How much weight do you want to lose?”

Well, I didn’t set out to do the Challenge for weight loss-that wasn’t my goal.  I knew that would most likely happen, but I was doing CrossFIt and the Challenge for a different reason-a better reason.  My goal was to get healthy, fit and strong-to do something with consistency, which was what my exercise/fitness routine (if you could even call it that) had been lacking for the past five years.  So, the fact that I am now about 25lbs lighter is just an added bonus!

I have definitely achieved an improved appearance, but more importantly I have been rewarded physically, mentally and in performance:  My work in the box has improved immensely.

I wanted to ski better in France this year-I did.  I also did a climb there that I most likely would not have previously done, but I now had the strength and confidence to do it.  I was entered in my first 6 hour endurance mountain bike race at the beginning of April, and I wanted to ride strong/finish-I did, in fact I placed 3rd in my class!  Very clearly, my goal has been attained.

My eyes have been opened, my body strengthened.

Thank you S3!



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