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Warm Up:
10 Downward Dog Calf Raises/Leg
5 Grasshoppers/Leg
20 Jumping Jacks
5 Tempo Air Squats @ 30×1

A) Back Squats: 4X5-6 Reps @ 30X1 Tempo
B) 8 Minute AMRAP:
2 Power Clean/10 Double Unders
4 Power Clean/20 Double Unders
6 Power Clean/30 Double Unders
….Power Cleans Go Up By 2 Reps & Double Unders By 10; Rx=(135/95)
C) 4X Per Side: Side Planks (:30 On/:30 Off); Alternate Sides

Tier 3:
A) Back Squat/Box Squat: 4X6-8 Reps
B) 8 Minute AMRAP:
8 Hang Power Cleans
12 Step Ups
40 Jump Rope Singles
C) 4X Plank On Rings Or Forearms :30 On/1 Minute

Cool Down:
1 Minute BB Calf Smash
1 Minute BB Quad Smash
1 Minute Grasshopper Hold

Purpose: Strength/High Aerobic Power
Focus: Proper Squat/Deadlift Position, Mechanics, Positioning; Select Weight That Keeps You Moving On This One


Warm Up:
For Time:
10 Russian KBS
:15 Hollow Rock Position Hold
10 Ring Rows
200 M Run
10 Ring Rows
:15 Hollow Rock Position Hold
10 Russian KBS

A) Push Press: Build To A 3 Rep Max
B) 4 Rounds:
Every 4 Minutes Complete The Following:
8 Strict Chinups (T2=Kipping/Butterfly)
12 Push Press (Rx=75/55)(T2=65/45)
16 KBS (Rx=1.5/1.0)(T2=1.25/.75)
20 Ab Mat Situps
-Rest With Any Time Remaining In The 4 Minutes-

Tier 3:
A) Push Press: 4X5-6 Reps
B) 4 Rounds:
Every 4 Minutes Complete The Following:
8 Ring Rows
8 DB Push Press
12 KBS
16 Ab Mat Situps

Cool Down:
1 Minute Banded Lat Pull
1 Minute Child’s/Cobra Pose
1 Minute Pretzel

Purpose: Strength+Explosive Power/Mixed Modal Capacity
Focus: Continuation Of Push Press/4 Minutes To Finish Round So Break During Transitions And Try Your Best To Do Everything Unbroken


Warm Up:
Down+Back 2x:
Sampson Stretch
Power Skips
Light Broads

A) 3 Rounds For Quality (NOT FOR TIME)
10 Lateral Goblet Lunge (5/Leg)
8 Strict Pushups @ 30×1 Tempo
6 Strict Knees To Elbow/T2B
2 Wall Walks
B) 14 Minute AMRAP:
10 Burpees
20 Ball Slams (Rx=30/20)(T2=20/15)
200 M Run

Tier 3:
14 Minute AMRAP:
10 1/2 Burpees
10 Walking Lunges
200 M Run

Cool Down:
1 Minute Lying Shoulder Rotation
1 Minute Partner Pec Hold
1 Minute Broken Toe

Purpose: Skill/Moderate Aerobic Power
Focus: Do Not Use Run As Active Recovery; Try To Stay Consistent On All Movements


Warm Up:
100 M OH Plate Walk
10 Calorie Row
15 DB Hang Power Snatch
10 Calorie Row
100 M OH Plate Walk

A) OHS: 5X3
B) 3 Rounds:
1 Minute Max Effort Calorie Row
1 Minute Max Effort KB Power Snatch Left (Rx=1.5/1.0)(T2=DB/Lighter KB)
1 Minute Max Effort KB Power Snatch Right (Rx=1.5/1.0)(T2=DB/Lighter KB
-Rest 3 Minutes Between Rounds-

Tier 3:
A) OHS Practice/Technique
B) “Same”- Sub DB

Cool Down:
1 Minute Banded Shoulder Sink
1 Minute Banded Shoulder Distraction
1 Minute LAX Ball To Scapula

Purpose: Strength/High Aerobic Power Intervals/Muscular Endurance
Focus: Continuation On OHS Cycle; Push Each Segment/ Only Break On Transitions If Possible


Warm Up:
3 Rounds:
5 Ankle Circles Multi Direction
10 Box Step Ups
15 Standing Calf Raises
100 M Run

A) “Kelly”
5 Rounds:
400 M Run
30 Box Jumps (24/20)
30 Wall Balls (20/14)
*Time Cap: 40 Minutes
B) 8 Minute Recovery Walk/Bike/Row

Tier 2:
A) 3 Rounds:
3 Rounds Of Kelly
B) “Same”

Tier 3:
A) 5 Rounds:
200 M Run
10 Wall Balls
15 Step Ups
-Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds-
B) Same

Cool Down:
1 Minute Couch Stretch
1 Minute Banded Pigeon Stretch
1 Minute Banded KB Calf Smash

Purpose: Aerobic Capacity & Aerobic Sustainability
Focus: Sustain 75-80% Pace; Small Breaks If Needed; Do Not Redline Too Quickly

Team WOD: 8:00+9:00+10:00 AM
Free Intro Class:11:00 AM
Foundations:12:00 PM

Foundations: 10:00 AM
Open Gym: 10:00-1:00 PM