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*Regular Saturday Team WOD Classes Are Cancelled For The Entire Day Due To Fight Club Event; If You Wish To Participate Find A Partner And Register With Link Below

*Thursday Night Conditioning On May 4th @ 6PM Is Cancelled For The Upcoming Week

Fight Club 2017:
Save The Date! May 6th 2017 at Crossfit S3
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Warm Up:
2 Rounds:
250 M Row @ 60%
15 Air Squats W/ Thumbs On Shoulders
200 M Run @ 60%
15 Russian KBS

For Time:
400 M Run
75 Ball Slams (30/20)
400 M Run
75 KBS (1.5/1.0)
400 M Run
75 Box Jumps (24/20)
400 M Run
*35 Minute Cap

Tier 2:
3 Rounds:
200 M Run
20 Ball Slams
200 M Run
20 KBS
200 M Run
20 Box Jumps

Tier 3:
3 Rounds:
100 M Run
12 Ball Slams
100 M Run
12 KBS
100 M Run
12 Box Jumps
100 M Run
-Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds-

Cool Down:
1 Minute Runner’s Stretch
1 Minute Piegon Stretch
1 Minute KB Calf Smash

Purpose: Aerobic Capacity & Sustainability
Focus: Pick A Sustainable Pace 80-85% And Maintain


Warm Up:
30 Calorie Row
5 Behind Neck Push Press W/ Empty Bar
5 Snatch Balance W/ Empty Bar
5 OHS W/ Empty Bar

A) Overhead Squats: 6-5-5-3

*Between Each Set Perform The Following: 3 Pause @ Knee Snatch Pulls
*From The Ground Every Rep
*Rest 3 Minutes Between Sets
B) “Isabel”
30 Power Snatch (135/95)
*8 Minute Cap
C) 4X8-12 V-Ups; Rest 1 Minute Between Sets

Tier 3:
A) Overhead Squat Technique Practice
B) Hang Power Snatch: 5X5 Reps; Rest 1 Minute Between Sets
C) 4X10-12 Ab Mat Situps; Rest 1 Minute Between Sets

Cool Down:
1 Minute Shoulder Sink
1 Minute Lying Shoulder Rotation
1 Minute Lax Ball Lats

Purpose: Strength/Explosiveness/Power/ATP-CP
Focus: Select Correct Weight For Isabel/Short And Intense Effort


Warm Up:
2X Down And Back:
Sampson Lunge
Power Skip
Karaoke Shuffle

A) 4 Rounds (For Quality; NOT For Time)
3 Muscle Up Attempts (:20-:30 Bar Kip Practice Or Banded Transfers)
6 Ring Dip (Banded Dips/Box Dips)
12 DB Lunges (6 Per Leg)
10 M Backwards Bear Crawl
B) For Time:
30 Wall Balls (20/14)
60/45 Calorie Row
60 Wall Balls
90/75 Calorie Row

Tier 2:
A) Same
B) 3 Rounds:
20 Wall Balls
35/28 Calorie Row

Tier 3:
A) Same
B) 6 Rounds:
10 Wall Balls
12/10 Calorie Row
-Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds-

Cool Down:
1 Minute Banded Hamstring Distraction
1 Minute Pretzel
1 Minute Broken Toe

Purpose: Aerobic Capacity & Sustainabiity/Muscular Endurance
Focus: Skill Work For First Part/Do Not Redline Out Of Gates; Chunk Down Reps Of WB To Start If Needed


Warm Up:
10 Ring Rows
15 1/2 Burpees
20 Russian KBS
15 Bar Kips
30 Jumping Jacks

A) Push Press: 4X5 Reps
B) 4 Rounds:
5 Power Cleans (Rx=185/125)(T2=135/95)
10 CTB Pullups (T2=Pullups)
15 Burpees
30 Double Unders (T2=90 Singles)
-Rest 2 Minutes Between-
*25 Minute Cap

Tier 3:
A) DB Push Press: 4X6-8 Reps
B) 4 Rounds:
4 Hang Power Clean
7 Burpees
10 Ring Rows
40 Singles
-2 Minute Between Rounds-

Cool Down:
1 Minute Banded Lat Pull
1 Minute LAX Ball To Pec
1 Minute Giraffe

Purpose: Strength/Mixed Modal Capacity
Focus: Sustainable Effort From Round To Round/Pick A Heavy Power Clean; Do Not Worry About Speed On The Bar Focus On Getting Reps In


Warm Up:
15 Standing Calf Raises
15 Hip Circles
10 Knees To Chest
10 Power Jumps
5 Grasshoppers/Leg
200 M Run

A) Back Squat: Build To A 1 RM (T2=5X5 Reps)
B) Run Intervals @ 80-85%:
4X200 M; Rest 1 Minute
2X400 M; Rest 90 Seconds
1X800 M; Rest 2 Minutes
C) 4X:20-:30 Flutter Kicks; Rest 1 Minute

Tier 3:
A) Back Squat/Box Squat: 4X8-10
B) “Same”
C) 4X:30-1:00 Plank Hold; Rest 1 Minute

Cool Down:
3 Minute Cooldown Walk
1 Minute BB Quad Smash
1 Minute Couch Stretch

Purpose: Strength/Aerobic Volume Build
Focus: Proper Squat Position, Mechanics, Positioning/Keep The Intervals Consistent; Do Not Go Max Effort Each Time, Keep It Consistent


Foundations:10:00 AM
Open Gym:10:00 AM-1:00 PM