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Warm Up:
2 Rounds:
15 Russian KBS
10 Hip Circles
5 Grasshoppers Per Leg
5 Air Squats W/ Thumbs On Shoulders @ 20×1 Tempo

A) Thruster: 8-6-5-3 (From Cage)
*Immediately After Thrusters Do A Set Of Max Effort Dead Hang Pullups
*Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets
*T2 Sub: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSWMoxeaPqQ
B) 2X8 Minutes On/4 Minutes Off:
1000 M Row Buy In:
Then For The Remainder Of 8 Minutes:
15 KBS (Rx=1.5/1.0)(T2=1.25/.75)
15 Box Jump (Rx=24/20)(T2=20/16)

Tier 3:
A) Thruster W/ Box: 4X5-6 Reps (From Cage)
*Immediately After Thrusters Do A Set Of Max Effort Ring Rows
*Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets
B) Same; Scale Weight/Height Accordingly

Cool Down:
1 Minute Banded Sampson Lunge
1 Minute Banded Pigeon
1 Minute Banded Banded Hamstring

Purpose: Strength/Mixed Modal Aerobic Development
Focus: Proper Depth And Explosiveness On Thrusters/Do Not Redline First 8 Minutes; Find 80-85% Pace And Stick With It


Warm Up:
30 Shoulder Taps
:20-:30 Dead Hang Pullup Hold
10 Yoga Pushups
10 Scap Pulls
30 Jumping Jacks

A) 4 Sets:
3 Reps Of Stict Press Or Close Grip Bench Press AHAP
100 M DBL KB Farmers Walk AHAP
-Rest 3 Minutes-
B) EMOM For 10 Minutes:
Evens: 6-8 Ring Push Ups @ 30X1 Tempo; T2= Challenging Pushing Movement
Odds: 4-5 BB Pendlay Rows @ 20X1 Tempo

Tier 3:
A) Same But 4-5 Reps
B) EMOM For 10 Minutes:
Evens: 6-8 Cage Assisted Pushups @ 20X1 Tempo
Odds: 4-5 Single Arm DB  Row @ 20X1

Cool Down:
1 Minute Forearm Smash W/ LAX Ball
1 Minute Tricep Smash
1 Minute LAX Ball To Scapula

Purpose: Strength
Focus: Proper Tempo Over Speed Today


Warm Up:
100 M OH Plate Walk
10 Sampson Lunges
10 Power Jumps
10 Ring Rows
40 M Power Skips

A) 3 Rounds For Quality; Not For Time:
:20-:30 Handstand Hold
15 Hollow Rocks
100 M Run
10 Overhead Squats; Pick Weight Can Go Unbroken For Practice (Use A Box If New And Still Need To Work On)
-Rest 5 Minutes; Reset As A Group-
B) 2 Rounds:
20 Power Cleans (Rx=135/95)(T2=95/65)
30 Wall Balls (Rx=20/14)(T2=14/10)
800 M Run
-Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds-

Tier 3:
A) “Same”
B) 3 Rounds:
10 Hang Power Cleans
15 Wall Balls
400 M Run
-Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds-

Cool Down:
1 Minute Runner’s Stretch
1 Minute Grasshopper Hold
1 Minute Standing Calf Stretch

Purpose: ATP-CP/Aerobic Volume
Focus: Correct Selection Of Power Clean Weight; 20 Cleans Should Not Take Over 2 Minutes; Stay Moving/Should Not Be Crushed After 1st Round


Warm Up:
Karaoke Shuffle
High Knees
Power Skips
10 1/2 Burpees
25 Standing Calf Raises
200 M Row

40 Minute AMRAP:
5 DB Manmakers (Rx=40/25)(T2=35/20)
400 M Run
15 T2B (T2=K2E)
15 Burpees
500 M Row
100 M OH Plate Walk (Rx=45/35)(T2=35/25)
40 Double Unders (T2=120 Singles)

Tier 3:
40 Minute AMRAP:
5 Cage Assisted Pushups
5 Ring Rows
5 Air Squats
200 M Run
10 Ab Mat Situps
10 Burpees
250 M Row
100 M OH Plate Walk
50 Singles

Cool Down:
1 Minute Banded Shoulder Distraction
1 Minute KB Calf Smash
1 Minute Foam Roll Mid Back

Purpose: Aerobic Capacity
Focus: Select A Pace Around 75% And Stay Steady/Each Round Should Be Consistent In Time


Warm Up:
2 Rope Pulls
4 Squat Toe Holds
8 KB Deadlifts
12 Air Squats

A) Back Squats:
4X2 Reps @ 85%
1X ME Reps @ 85%
B) Every 2 Minutes For 10 Minutes Complete:
3 Deadlift AHAP
2 Rope Climbs (T2=6 DB Renegade Rows W/ No Pushup)
C) Lying Leg Raises:
4X8-12 Reps; Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds

Tier 3:
A) Back Squat/Box Squat: 5X5
B) 10 Minute EMOM:
Evens: 4-5 Deadlifts
Odds: 5-6 DB Renegade Rows W/ No Pushup
C) Plank Hold On Rings: 6X:20-:30 On/1 Minute Off

Cool Down:
1 Minute BB Quad Smash Per Side
1 Minute Banded Lat Pull
1 Minute Cobra/Child’s Pose

Purpose: Strength
Focus: Proper Squat Position, Mechanics, Positioning; Select Heavy Deadlift That Is Repeatable

Team WOD: 8:00+9:00+10:00 AM
Free Intro Class:11:00 AM
Foundations:12:00 PM

Foundations: 10:00 AM
Open Gym: 10:00-1:00 PM