Article Of The Week:
Is there a risk to training with Crossfit principles? Of course, but there are risks in every exercise training program or even simple things like walking. Good article with examples of why the rewards of becoming a fitter, stronger person outweighs the associated risks.

Video Of The Week:
Opening up hips=improved mobility=better squatting:

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Troubleshooting guide for not seeing progress with fat loss:

S3 Conditioning:
S3 Conditioning will hold one night class on Monday at 6:30 PM and during the day at 11 AM Monday-Friday (as usual). Check out the Facebook S3 page for the WOD and please make sure to register for classes.

Battlefrog Series Event:
For those who had fun with Spartan Race or anybody else interested, there will be a obstacle race series designed by U.S. Navy Seals on June 21st-22nd at the Carolina Adventure World in Winnsboro SC. Please check out the link below as many of you might be interested. Team name will be CrossfitS3 and use the promo code SEAL3 to get 25% off registration.



A) Back Squat 7-7-7
B) “Fran”
Thrusters (Rx=95/65)(T2=75/55)

Tier 3 (Newbies):
A) Box Squats 7-7-7
B) 21-15-9:
Wall Balls
Ring Rows

*Purpose: Strength/High Aerobic Power/Muscular Endurance
*4th week of back squat cycle, try to add 5-10 pounds compared to last week with maintaining quality of movement/depth. Part B… Benchmark Fran! Hopefully you will be able to breathe afterwards ;).


A) Hang Power Clean: Find 3 Rep Max
B) 4 Rounds:
12 Ring Push Ups (T2=Hand Release Pushups)
6 Power Cleans (Rx=185/125)(T2=115/85)
400 M Run

Tier 3 (Newbies):
A) Push Press 5-5-5-5
B) 5 Rounds:
10 Hand Release Pushups On Knees
6 Hang Power Clean
200 M Run

*Purpose: Explosive Power+Strength+Technique/Moderate Aerobic Power+Explosive Strength
*Go for it on the hang power clean 3 rep max. Find a good pace on Part B and try not to get to ahead of yourself at any one part. Power Clean weight should be moderate.


2 Minute AMRAP’s X 5:
5 Deadlifts (Rx=315/205)(T2=225/155)
250 M Row
ME KBS With Remaining Time (Rx=2.0/1.5)(T2=1.5/1.0)
-Rest 2:30 Between Rounds-

Tier 3 (Newbies):
2 Minute AMRAP’s X 5:
12 KB Deadlift
12 KBS
ME Row With Remaining Time
Rest 2:30 Between Rounds

*Purpose: Strength//High Aerobic Power/Lactate/Recovery

*Deadlifts should be heavy today!  Make sure you make each set of 5 reps count and do not rush on your deadlifts. Don’t hold back on the row or KBS, go all out on these and push hard into the break.


A1) OHS 7-7-7
A2) Weighted Pullups: 3 Sets Of 4-6 Reps
T2=Ring Rows: 3 Sets Of 4-6 Reps (3 Second Hold At The Top Of Each Rep)
B) 5 Minute AMRAP:
5 Squat Snatch (Rx=115/75)(T2=75/55)
30 Double Unders (T2=60 Singles+10 Lateral Bar Hops)
C) 5 Minute AMRAP:
5 Power Snatch (Rx=115/75)(T2=75/55)
10 Bar Facing Burpees
-Rest Exactly 3 Minutes Between B+C-

Tier 3 (Newbies):
A1) OHS Technique To Box With PVC/Bar
A2) Banded Pullups: 3 Sets Of 6-8 Reps
B) 4 Rounds:
100 Singles
10 Squat Thrusters
10 DB Hang Power Snatches Per Arm

*Purpose: Strength+Stability+Muscular Endurance/High Aerobic Power/Skill
*4th week of overhead squat cycle, try to add 5 pounds to last week. For those that need work in this department, please continue to take the time to fix any issues before adding on any significant amount of weight. Please choose an appropriate height that allows between 4-6 reps on Ring Rows for A2. Weight for snatch on Part B should be on the moderate to heavier side.  Push each 5 Minute AMRAP and don’t worry about pacing as much as 5 minutes will go fast.


For Time:
1600 M Run
-Rest 2 Minutes-
50 Wall Balls (Rx=20/14)(T2=14/10)
-Rest 2 Minutes-
1000 M Row
-Rest 2 Minutes-
50 Wall Balls (Rx=20/14)(T2=14/10)

Tier 3 (Newbies):
For Time:
800 M Run/15 Wall Balls/Rest 2 Minutes
750 M Row/15 Box Jumps/Rest 2 Minutes
400 M Run/15 Wall Balls/Rest 1 Minute
500 M Row/15 Box Jumps/Rest 1 Minute

*Purpose: Aerobic Capacity/Aerobic Sustainability/Muscular Endurance (Legs)
*Try to push each segment today and keep intensity high as there is built in rest… who doesn’t enjoy that! Push the wall ball rounds as well… don’t hold back.  If you think you have 50 in a row, go for it!

Team WOD: 8:30+9:30
Free Intro: 10:30
Foundations: 11:30

Foundations: 10:00
Open Gym: 11:00+12:00